Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fabric Owl

As I mentioned on my last post, I popped to my local fabric shop on Saturday. Its an amazing little shop, not teeny tiny but the sort of shop where you are always in someones way, its always busy in there despite being tucked out of the way.

Among all the wool, accessories, pretty trims and reams and reams of gorgeous fabrics were baskets of fat quarters sorted by colour. I picked up some bluey/green shades to go with some I had already and some interfacing and rushed home to make::



I cut this on my cameo using a pattern that is available to buy in the Silhouette Store and is this file: owl_fabric_pattern_C02782_1 2/04/2011

I was a bit disappointed how the cameo cut the fabric if im honest, it was more of a deep score line than a cut, but at least I had the lines to follow with my scissors. Also it makes me laugh that the blog tutorial here suggests that its so super easy to make that it is the sort of project you could make whilst making the kids tea for example. Now I don't know about you, but by the time I have my iron board, sewing machine and cameo and laptop out as well as all the fabric and paraphanalia there is not an awful lot of room left in my kitchen for food prep, and thats coupled with the fact that its labour intensive and takes about 2 hrs of pretty full on work. Nope I think I will concentrate on this task alone thanks!

Still it was relatively easy for a novice like me and I am pretty pleased with the results (the owl has a light blue polka dot back so it contrasts nicely)


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