Thursday, 2 February 2012

Making your own Stamps

Back in the October half term break The Scrapbook Magazine gave me a commission to do a 5 page article on stamping on your layouts, I like a bit of stamping and have definately got into it more in the last year so I though "hell yeah, I can do that!" then I read further into the commission and realised I had to make and construct my own 'alternative' stamps to use. Hmmmm still it was a challenge and so I got to it.

I'll show you 3 today and the other 2 tomorrow or so

First up this layout, which I made using foam squares, I made them into a checkerboard pattern, peeled off the backing and applied the ink to the sticky square (which worked really well) I then used the stamp for the border and the lettering in this layout:

Second I coiled some string onto a gluesticked clear stamping block, then I applied the ink and used it to make a background on my layout of Joseph in his Air Cadets uniform

And finally for today, I bought a cheap white eraser and traced a butterfly shape onto it, I then carved the shape out of the block and used it to stamp a flutter of butterflies all over my layout here:

Thats all folks!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely LO's Emma and fab ideas. I love the butterfly one. Love what you did with the paper x


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