Monday, 27 February 2012

Self Portrait

I rarely scrap pictures of myself, mainly because I rarely take a photo I like - or I should say others rarely take a picture of me that I like. I am quite good at the old dangle the iphone above at a wierd angle and hope for the best - thats how I got this shot of me on Jason birthday, just before we left for breakfast at our favourite breakfast place.

Seeing as I for once do not look like a moon faced troll in it, I thought I would scrap it, no real rhyme or reason or story behind it, I just enjoyed adding bits and pieces for the pure creative relaxation of making something!

I used My Little Shoebox and Echo Park new releases on this one.

My fabric obsession continues to grow, over wine with a friend of mine on Friday night she mentioned the fabric shop in our little town, the fabric shop I used to frequent for wool and crochet supplies that for some reason I had forgotten about! Guess where I went on Saturday? More fabric posts will follow - you have been warned.

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