Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank heavens for Monday!

What a busy weekend we have had, I am glad that everyone is off at work/school and I can relax a bit. Jason had a lovely birthday weekend, we had a lovely breakfast at a place called 'Scoffs' in Bath, its a cafe thats on 3 storeys and overlooks a very pretty park and we go there now and then, the breakfasts there are a bit special.

Then on to the pub with friends, it was a lovely afternoon that we finished off by having the kids dropped off to the pub and then going for a family dinner.

On Friday Jessica had a party to go to and I forgot about it til the last minute and realised I had to knock a card up - cameo to the rescue!

Im afraid I photographed it as it was getting dark so its not the best image in the world. Everything apart from the loopy border was cut on the Cameo, the woodgrain paper, and the pocket were all patterns that I printed on the cameo too!

I also got the Cameo to draw the outline of the above, and then I coloured it in with promarkers.

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