Monday, 13 February 2012

Starting on the finishing touches

Another busy weekend, but this time making some finishing touches to the living room, its so nice to see it all coming together!

We took a trip to ikea to have a nosey around and ended up buying this tv unit, now I know we got a bargain on our flooring but lets just say the cabinet is more expensive than the flooring, ikea is not always as cheap as you may think! On a side note imagine our frustration last night, we spent a fair amount of time building the cabinet and after a busy weekend we were pooped, so at last it is built, all other jobs are done and so we put our tv on the cabinet and the HDMI cable broke and so we could not even watch the blummin thing!

The cushions are my Christmas ones, but until I find a suitable replacement they are here to stay!

Can't get a living room pic without the pooch getting in the frame at some point! He is struggling so much to jump up on these sofas what with the new flooring and everthing!

And finally 2 pieces of simple wall art that I knocked up on the old cameo, took 5 mins max! I love them and they suit the room perfectly (they look a little small in the pics but they actually fill the space perfectly!)


  1. Looking good, The colour combo is lovely.

  2. I really like the balance of colors. It's peaceful and energizing looking at the same time.


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