Thursday, 27 October 2011

Forever Blowing Bubbles

I have been a poorly person this week, the poorly started on Monday evening and is still hanging about now, although I am feeling a lot perkier today! I haven't left the house since Monday lunchtime and I have only just got dressed for the first time since Monday!! The house is of course an absolute heap despite the children doing lots of little jobs for me. I sent Joe to the shop to buy me fish paste (I wanted sardine and tomato paste on white soft bread, it was a poorly craving!) and he came pack with seafood sauce, bless him! Kids doing jobs therefore is never as effective as me doing jobs, however every time I try to stand up, I nearly fall down with dizzyness so the kids it is!

You will have to excuse a lack of things crafty at the moment, what with a busy weekend, the poorly and a whopper of a commission to do when I am back on my feet, the old bloggeroo might be a bit on the sparse side. However I do have something to show, its my teams turn at Twisted Sketches and the twist is black, bob on over and have a look at the sketch and come join us!! Rallying cry!!! (can you tell I am BORED out of my brain??)

Right, well I can't stay here gassing all day, I've got to get back to sitting in front of daytime tv and making the bum dent in the sofa even more pronounced then it already is! I WANT TO GET BETTER AND DO STUFF!!! Over and out pip pip!

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