Thursday, 20 October 2011

At the beginning

I was moving some stuff around on the top of our wardrobe this morning which involved moving all my scrapbook albums, of course I couldn't resist a peep and the first one I opened was my first ever album with my first ever pages made back in late 2008!

I think we all have some horrors/lovely first efforts, the ones that you look back on and smile, not because of the memories that you documented but because of how dodgy your first few efforts really were and how proud you were of them back then!

And so I present to you a few of my first ever pages: Leigh Woods, this page doesn't even have a title!!! How did I miss that? And I love my lovely double mounted journaling panel.

Back in the old days I hadn't 'found' the better paper brands, this was an old DCWV spring stack effort.

I think this one was my 2nd ever try! This was made with my very limited stash and namely HOTP papers, which I thought was da bomb back then! New Technique alert!!!!! I used hidden journaling!

This one I hate to say, appeals to me now, its bright and the computer printed letters (what were thickers back then, I didn't know!) I actually quite like still!

Some come on, post some of your first layouts to your blog and link me up, I would love to see them!


  1. What a great post, you can tell you've always been a fan of bright colours.

  2. Your post cracked me up. It's funny how proud you are at the time and then you look back and cringe! I too was a fan of the double matted photo's and journalling and initially only had a star punch and that featured very heavily in my layouts.
    Here is a post I did back in May with some of my retro scrapping - it was in an A4 book if you can imagine!

  3. What a good idea - don't we all change over time, but you can see the balance in all those LOs. I'm going to have a go at this :)


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