Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Autumn Offerings

Another Silhouette card from me today, this was made entirely from silhouette shapes, the background, the leaves, the pumpkin and the sentiment, I just added the colouring, gems and glitter!

I like making these cards, I can sit on the sofa with my laptop and design it and then go and makeit when I get a moment or two. I'm rather pleased with the colouring of the red/brown leaf, it looks like I might have picked it from the garden!

Joe came back from the Air Cadets last night with yet more uniform, in 3 sessions we have been given:

3 different shirts
2 pairs of dress trousers
1 pair of cami trousers
a beret
a tie
a belt
1 heavy smart jumper
1 cami coat
1 pair of boots
1 pair of shoes

Its really sweet to see Joe taking care of it all and worrying that it is all clean, ironed and polished, shaped etc. At the moment of course I am doing most of that but its something that he will be doing once we are up to speed with it all!


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