Monday, 10 October 2011


I'm a little bit (over) excited that I have preordered an Iphone 4s as my 3gs upgrade, how serendipidous that my entitlement to an early upgrade was just a couple of weeks ago!

I am very keen to try Siri, how cool to be able to have a conversation with your phone! I can't wait to ask her if I will need my coat before I leave the house and also tell her I fancy italian food and have her find local restaurants for me, and of course voice activated text messages will be ace, I hope it works as well as they seem to think it does!

The best news being that I got this upgrade for £4 less a month (im having less texts and mins but I never use anywhere near my allowance) and I can sell my old iphone to Mazumba for about £90 or so!

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