Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Off to Camp

Ooops i've been missing in action for a while haven't I? Or should I say missing in inaction as I haven't really done anything at all.

Joseph went off for his first camp with the Air Cadets at the weekend, he came back cream crackered, he could not even really talk and just wanted to sit down quietly for a while, he enjoyed himself though!

Sat down to make this today just to get back in the swing. The letters are cut on the big shot using thin sticky backed cork that I have had for a while. I love the little bit of interest that a bit of machine stitching adds, I just wish it wasn't such a hassle to drag it out and set it up!

Lisa thank you for your last comment, can't make Saturday unfortch as got a busy weekend and thats the only time I have for boring old food shopping - hope it all goes well though!


  1. Love this - great paper, love those letters and you are right, the sewing does add panache.


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