Friday, 7 October 2011

Christmas Lights

Good afternoon.

More drama in this household when Jessica decided to chop the tip of her thumb off in cookery at school. We had to take a trip to the docs to get it patched up proper. Jessica is not what one would call a 'trooper' in these situations, she gets very upset and we had a lot of tears. Poor little thing, but she is patched up now and enjoyed all the attention she got!

She was making soup when the incident occured, "not to worry mum, Rebeccah says she will collect it for me" she says. So we trek to the docs, its about a 20 min walk away and bugger me if Rebeccah and her mum aren't there too, so to my absolute delight, I got the soup there and then! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to sit in the docs waiting room with a container of soup on my lap, looking for all the world like the local village idiot! I was more thrilled when I decided due to the soup and the uphill nature of the walk back to jump on the bus, so we waited 10 mins, along comes the bus, he shakes his head at me and keeps going! Blind fury got me up that road and back home. I am wondering if what with Jessica's bandaged thumb and a clear container of what could well have been vomit the bus driver decided to pass on us!

And so to crafty matters and this CAS card I made a couple of days ago, I printed the christmas lights (inspired by the wonderful Dawn Mcvey) hand stamped both the sentiment and the little banner of red card and just keep it nice and simple.

Layered up those pretty little bulbs and just the tiniest bit of glitter that looks lovely when it catches the light.

1 comment:

  1. Oh poor Jess : (
    Sounds sore.

    Love that card. Love how you layered it.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Not quite so hot this one eh?!! x


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