Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pooh Sticks

I am back and feeling a fair bit more human today. Yesterday we went to the matinee of Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Tour, whilst I enjoyed it, I did think that the old production with the revolving stage was much better and more atmospheric. We did have really good seats though! I booked very last minute and chose 2 seats in a small section of free seats, when we got there no other seats around us were booked (although the theatre was booked out apart from that), so we had lots of room to move about and seeing as we were on bench seating we had a bit of breathing space, which was nice as it was very HOT and sweaty there.

We were supposed to be going out last night, but with only 2.45 hrs sleep the night before I was dead on my feet and so I stayed home and went to bed at 8.30pm!!! Whilst Jason went out and then slept in Joes room for the night, utter bliss!!! I had a good nights sleep and so felt much better this morning.

Here is what I have been making in odds and ends of minutes I have snatched since Friday. The letters are made from pizza boxes, stripped back and I traced from an old chipboard letter set and the butterfly middles is string inked black! The paper used is all Echo Park a walk in the park collection, and of course you can see plenty of evidence of my new sewing machine!


  1. Cute LO, you seem to have got the hang of your new machine already!! xx

  2. Beautiful layout, I love the bright colours :) I love my sewing machine for layouts!

  3. Lovely layout Emma, really wish I had a sewing machine now! :)


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