Friday, 20 August 2010

The slowest scrapper in the west - a Work in Progress

I really am!

I am having one of those lulls at the moment, where I can't think of anything new, fed up of the same old same old, so I am having to resort to scraplifting. I never find scraplifting very fulfilling a, its never as good as the original and b, its not 'my work' and therefore I feel like I haven't been creative.

However today it was lift or do nothing. There is a FANTASTIC scrapper who does the most amazing digital work that looks like paper layouts, I am ALWAYS fooled by her stuff, she digitally scraps like I want to paperscrap. I have foolishly choosen to lift one of her works (I will link to her etc when I show you the finished LO)

I sat down at 2.15pm to start this and its now 5pm and I am hardly anywhere with it! Its such a complex creation, so I thought that almost 3 hours of work needed some photos, so here is my scraplift WIP, not much is stuck down yet, apart from the 4 background layers, which I have had to gut or the finished layout would touch the ceiling. Things will be moved and tweeked, MANY MANY things will be added (this lady does not scrap light!)

(loving my hand drawn frame!! and the toothbrush paint splatters - why did I never think of using a toothbrush til I saw it as a technique on a blog? This is EXACTLY the type of splatters I have been after for ages.

I have a title for it, which I love and I think this layout could take me another 2-3 hours if not more as there is so much that needs to be added yet, this really is the bare bones. Now I need to go and produce a cottage pie for tonights tea so I can't play anymore

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