Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jenga Chips

Yay the kids are back and with them they have bought back my creativity. With them here I can't get away with hogging the telly and believe me Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly would drive even the laziest of people out of the living room!

I absolutely love the cartoony style of scrapping that I see around, the pile it high, hapzard madness that some people do so well. I knew that I wanted this layout to be cartoony and so I had a nosey on this blog here to get me started and I lifted a few of her ideas on this. Also I adore the mad crazy style of this woman too and love the lettering and stitching that she does.

So here it is, and I am pretty pleased with it too - I wish it came more naturally, but I have had great fun with this this morning. I was really struggling with misting and paints etc, they always look awful at the start, but I am learning to go with it and that what looks like a yucky sneeze at the start can actually look pretty cool when teamed with all the other aspects of a layout. I had no brown inky stuff so I used tea and slate glimmer mist.

I had a personal first today, I ran on MY OWN this morning. Jason hurt his calve muscle on Tuesdays run and so he is out of action at the moment. Getting up at 6.45am and running at 7am (there are lots of people around at that time!) on my own was a huge deal for me. I did my personal best distance too!

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  1. Well done on the run and the great LO - love the title!


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