Thursday, 5 August 2010

One moment in time

Sometimes I think that the scrapping world is crazy. I remember once taking part in a challenge where we had to scrap our pet rock and create a back story around it. By rock I do indeed mean rock, like pebble, stone etc. I did a layout called "The Family Stone" (hey I was PROUD of that title!!!)and it featured pictures of me and Jess with our painted (yes they had to be decorated too) stone looking at it adoringly. I think I came 2nd or 3rd in that - can't remember!!

Today in my inbox at was a private message from a 'friend' asking all her 'friends' if they would consider scrapping a layout using Hallmark cards in anyway they liked. Ok. Apparently its to convince Hallmark to support the scrapbooking industry more, if they can see what people can do with their products.

So I was supposed to be doing laundry today, and I have done some (flaming water got turned off for an hour or so mid washing cycle!) but the challenge left me intrigued and so I HAD to give it a go! Tadaaaa, ladies and gentlemen I give you..........

Hallmark cards used for the frame around the photo, the flowers around the circle, the butterfly on the frame and even the scallop cutouts.

Thinking on it further, all this crazyness has come from an American site! As our American friends would say....."I'm just sayin!!"


  1. LOL, a great layout from it though!

  2. What great idea - lovely layout.

  3. Brilliant idea - I once scrapped about a card my ex made me - got me published too!! Beautiful calm colours for this LO - very elegant to match your lovely wedding day! xx


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