Monday, 2 August 2010


That is what I am !!! After my minor setback last week, today I went and did my final 30 min run and my final run of the c25k (couch to 5k) program. I also managed my best distance of 4.31km.

I'm very proud of myself, during the whole program I had no fails, no stops I just kept running until it told me to stop. I've learnt that my little legs are capable of quite a lot but more importantly I had the mental strength to just keep on. Many times during a long run (sometimes right at the start) my head and my legs would scream at me to stop, but I would have a little battle going on in my head and I would absolutley not let myself stop running until my stopwatch went off.

I never thought I could do this, I remember Week 5 Run 3 when all of a sudden you jump from 8 min runs to a 20 min run, I thought they were having a laugh! me? run 20 mins? NOT A CHANCE. Now I can run 30 mins and I am not too far off 5k. Thats my next target 5k in 30 mins!!!! Watch this space!


  1. Yaaayyy!! Well done you- great achievement!! xx

  2. Congrats Emma x
    My next run is the dreaded week 5 run 3 !!
    any tips ?

  3. Congratulations! Really admire your determination. Good luck with your 5K in 30 mins


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