Thursday, 26 August 2010

Boys Rock

I very nearly forgot to make my lovely little boy a card for his birthday, if Jason hadn't mentioned it last night I really think I may have completely forgotten! Its his birthday tomorrow and luckily I had plenty of time to make one today. Here it is:

Joes father had very stupidly agreed to buy Joe an electric guitar for his birthday, so I put one of those on the card (which has once again photographed dreadfully due to the weather). I can't say I am looking forward to having my ears bleeding, but thankfully he will get it tomorrow evening when he goes to his dads and as he is staying there til Monday, the first eager flush of practising on a new toy will be over!

Its been a bit hairy with Joes presents as well. As we were on holiday I put off buying them til we got back as I thought he wanted a bike and we already had one picked out. Joe decides a week before that he did not want a bike, so I have ordered his pressies online (so much cheaper!) and fortunatley the last 2 bits arrived today.

I'm really struggling with my running at the moment, I've been out 3 mornings this week, the first 2 were bad and so my distance suffered, but I put it down to a bad run (or 2) and the fact that my breathing was wrong. Today I felt stronger, I still had some problems with my breathing at the start but I got it under control, I felt my pace was up, I felt like I was doing better. I did my WORST distance ever - How? I thought that I was getting fitter and now I just feel so unfit, my breathing has gone from comfortable and controlled to wheezy and heavy, my legs feel heavy at the moment too. Its like I am running and getting more and more unfit the more I do! I shall however perserve.

Jason bought me a sports rain coat yesterday, its very lightweight and fitted and very snug even though its a 12/14 (me thinks Nike are rather mean with their sizes, cos if I was a 14 there is no way I was getting in that coat!) I wore it today as it was raining at 7am. OMG I felt like I was in a sauna, it came off at the 17 min mark, when I run I don't stop for anything so the sight of me struggling out of my coat with my water bottle in my mouth jogging along the road must have been quite comical to passerbys. I think this would be a brilliant thing to wear on a run before a big night out as it would take pounds off you in just the sweat!

Anyway you can tell I am bored and don't have anything to do as I am rambling away - think I may go and wrap Joes presents - Byyeeee

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