Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Silly Straws

A mixed weekend for me this one. On Friday morning my nan died (step nan) and although I had not seen her for a long while and wasn't massively 'close' to her it was still very sad, she was great when I was growing up and all my family are of course very upset. It wasnt a surprise, she had been ill for a long time. I was going to visit her on Saturday, so I just missed saying goodbye which was a shame and I feel bad about.

I still travelled up to Cheltenham though to see my gran who has moved to a nursing home. She has dementia now (this was the first time I 'really' witnessed it) she is 95 after all! It was nice to see her physically better as last time we visited I thought she was about to die, but really it was quite comical trying to hold a conversation with her. I think she was just happy to have someone to talk to/at!

We did have light relief, no children so we socialised and made the most of our down time. The kids came home on Sunday and in the night Jess was very sick and then Joe on Monday, so they have been home from school but back tomorrow.

Managed to finish this LO today

Back tomorrow I expect with another LO I have been working on and maybe another pic of the blanket which is slowly growing!


  1. Sorry to hear your news, and that Jess and Joe have been ill :(

    Great LO though :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your nan xx Hope Jess and Joe managed to get back to school. Looking forward to seeing the blanket, I'm making wrist warmers!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Nan Emma : (
    Really love that Silly Straws LO. Everything you make is always so different, bright and fun. Really love your style. x

  4. Condolences. Sorry to hear your kids aren't well either. Lovely LO! Luv the layering of papers.


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