Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mad Hatters

Well the twiglets went back to school today, and I was glad to get back to normal. Managed to get some housework done and then a bit of crochet and a bit of scrapping.

Yesterday I ordered a black leather flip case for my beloved Iphone. I love how my iphone looks sooooo much but I am for once being responsible (this phone has to last me 2 years) and so have decided to protect it. It came today - now thats what I call service, its was from ebay and WITH postage cost me £3.95 (I am aware it is prob not real leather, even though it states it is, but I cannot tell anyway lol so who cares!). I also have my eye on some of the gorgeous hard cases you can get, but these don't tend to offer the screen much protection so I decided against it for now.

Is anyone else like me? my phone rings and I go into my bag for it and no matter what, the phone is the last thing that comes into my hand, I am sick of missing calls etc as I spend ages scrabbling around for it. Well this leather case should help it come to hand a bit more. We shall see!

Anyway enough of my inane ramblings, here is the lo:

And here is how my crochet is progressing, I am having to remember to crochet a bit tighter as I relax and then it gets a bit 'holey' Am definatley going to have to get more wool though.


  1. Blanket's looking fab - do you have a place for it in mind?

    Great brightly colour LO - very you!!

  2. Love the LO Emma, the bright colours are very you!

  3. Ooooh loving that blanket. i want to make one but haven't decided on colour/pattern etc yet. What wool are you using? Love that LO too x

  4. Love the blanket - going well! Love the item of furniture too! Have to really, I have the same unit!!! LOL

  5. That blanket is really gorgeous! Luv different colours you used. And that's one heck of a LO.... luv the dark background as it makes the colours pop!


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