Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Collages and Cameras and Sneek Peaks - oh my!

Its been one of those days, not sure if its been a good day or a bad day.

This morning I went into school to make a family collage with Jess, some parents did not understand the brief and turned up with only 1 photo!!! Jess and I are quite pleased with what we acheived (iphone photo)

At home I finished my 1st DT layout for Butterfly Crafts and photographed it. My camera has been playing up for a while now, periodically putting a blue tint to photos, especially photos of my layouts, its been doing it more and more frequently so I bit the bullet today and bought a new camera. I want a SLR but bought this rather nice point and shoot, its got a lot of cool features that I will have to learn (and believe me , thats already had me swearing!!) and will be a good 'inbetween' camera for the next couple of years. I have already found out that having a better camera does not mean I take better photos lol - I have a lot of practicing to do!

Its a good job that I have not been buying craft stuff as this was not cheap and I have so much wedding stuff to buy, but when your camera goes and you scrapbook, there is no option but to get another!!!

And finally a sneek peek of my first LO for Butterfly Crafts (taken inside with my new camera, it may not be the best of quality but at least the colours are true to life!)


  1. Jess is a scrapper in the making!!! I got a camera very similiar to yours for Xmas and prefer it now to our DSLR which we're going to sell.

    Looking forward to seeing the full reveal of your LO

  2. I like your new camera! And cute sneak peek!

  3. Have to say, the sneak peek of your photo is lovely, taken by the new camera. Read the manuel well and practise, practise, practise. These days, the in-between cameras are very good value for money. A very lovely collage that your daughter and you have done! Nice of the school to do something like this!


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