Saturday, 13 February 2010

Be Mine

Another card making task lay ahead of me today, I haven't exactly forgot about valentines day tomorrow, but it did kinda sneek up on me.

I got up today and realised the only chance I had to get/make a card for Jason was 2 hours this morning whilst he was working. As there was no chance I was dragging myself off to town I had no chance but to make one, ugggghhh.

I do however LOVE this card I made, it took me 30 minutes, 30 MINUTES!!! now I know it looks v simple and it is v simple, but I procrastinate and chop and change and fuss and fret whilst card making, so it was so nice to get this done so quickly. I love how masculine and simple it looks (even though I used domestic goddess paper lol). I use white space alot in scrapbooking but struggle to do so in cardmaking, but I managed it happily this time.

And Audrey, the heart is from the stamps I won on your blog, looks great stamped on kraft, so thanks again, love them!


  1. It's a great card, think I'm too ashamed to post the one I made on my blog, looks like a toddler made it! It's the thought that counts though!

  2. Luv how you used it! Glad it came in handy for you! I didn't even made one as I had my son's birthday and Chinese New Year to contend with.... Valentine's day got pushed into the background!

  3. Love that little card, and also think your cross stitch picture is great.
    Over on my blog is a little blog award for you.
    Keep up the lovely work x

  4. Great card Emma!

    PS - I went craft shopping up to Paperarts in Stroud. Its about 50 minutes from Nailsea so not too bad, and they have some lovely things (it's nice to shop without thinking about postage costs too!) x


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