Sunday, 21 February 2010


I am thrilled to have been offered a spot on the DT for (yippeee!) I am on Team 1 which is the visual team, so I will be working on sketches and ad inspiration, can't wait to get stuck in! Also huge congrats to Beki and Lisa, friends who also made the team - yay!

Also I've had a LO accepted for Book 2 of the Scrapbook Inspirations Book that will be published in May - I personally can't wait for the 1st book to hit the shops as I have really missed Scrapbook Inspirations.

Had a really good weekend, enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine with my new friend Mandy yesterday afternoon, marred only by some prat hitting Mandy in the arm with his wing mirror as he drove past at 40mph, the noise was horrendous and poor Mandy was very shaken up and tearful as you would be, I imagine it bloody hurt!

No Pics this time soz


  1. Congrats Emma, I think we should choose the same lottery numbers cos we win everything together!! xx

  2. Congrats on the appointment. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Congratulations, much deserved! Look forward to seeing your Butterfly Crafts stuff and in the SI book :)

  4. Hey Babe, huge congrats to you : )
    Feels good being on the same DT as you xxx
    Hope Mandy is ok x

  5. congrats!!! i'm also very excited about my dt spot for butterflycrafts!!!
    i visit the blogs of colleague dt members of bf-crafts, because i'm very curious to the work of you all... your work is awesome, love your style!!! have a nice weekend:)


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