Monday, 8 February 2010

Scrapping Disasters

I was going great guns on this LO the other day and really likeing it (and it is mainly made from products from my prize) and then I ballsed it up, I don't tend to use wet glue much and now I know why! all over the upper part of my LO! so I had to make alterations and that is why my journaling stips are sooooo wide, and that is why I now don't like this LO, its not how I wanted it to look :( Everything on the pink paper is there to hide my big glue sploosh.

And then this Lo that I started yesterday and finished today, again I loved it at the start (and that hand stitching made to look like - I hope - machine stitching took an age!) and now its not right, I want to embellish it more and everything I add looks bloody awful! Ah well. My mojoed up brain wants to communicate better with my hands I think! lol

Weekend wise, v quiet, I was supposed to go out with Jason on friday night, but I was so knackered that I managed one drink and then he had to take me home. So he went back out on his own and I felt v guilty as it was his birthday. The funeral took it out of me I suppose!

Saturday I was so knackered I could hardly move, I just felt so drained, it was 4pm before I left the house, a quick trip to asda and then home again.

Sunday I was much better and we went into town, where I spent a little bit of money in Primark and bought Joe a pleather jacket which he LOVES and wore over his PJ's last night lol!!!


  1. Great LO's. Love the colours of the first. x

  2. What a shame about the glue, still looks OK. Cute photo!

  3. Wouldn't have realised you had glue until you mentioned it! Still a fabbo LO! Luv the colours you used!
    Sometimes, it's just nice to chill out at home. That's what I did on Sat... was too tired to go out!

  4. I think both LOs are great! Such a cute photo on the first :)

  5. Well you did a great cover up job on that first LO, looks fab.
    I love chilled days at home x


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