Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Va Va Voom

So the party season is upon is and in full swing, My Christmas meal is on Saturday, the pub lot are all going out for a meal and a band and although organising it has literally been hell on earth (there have been tears) I am now really looking forward to it! After all the crap I have been through with this night out, it had better be good!

I bought myself a glam top a few weeks ago but eeeek it is a little on the tight side, so today Jason took me to town so I could have a look for a dress. Dresses are hard things to buy don't you find? I need it bigger up top and smaller down bottom, however I have got my dress and its v glam and sexy and mega flattering, makes me look slim and everything so I am well pleased. Here it is on the moody model (I will try to smile) Its also golder on top IRL not silver like it is in this pic (would have prefered it to be silvery I think)

Scrapping wise I have not done much as I am still using most spare moments crocheting my granny stripe, however my lovely Scrapagogo kit arrived on Monday and so I spent a quick 90mins whipping up this, its not photographed in the best light but hey ho!


  1. Love it!!!

    Especially the ribbon layered like that:D


  2. Lovely layout - like the misting!! ;)

  3. ooh you have a new dress as well (so has Audrey). I've struggled to get a new top for our works do and finally found one today.


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