Friday, 24 December 2010

Gingerbread House

Yay its Christmas Eve - I think I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day, I love the magical feel to it, tracking Santa, visiting people locally, the hustle and bustle all about, hanging up stockings and leaving out treats for Santa.

I love Christmas Eve tea, party food, ham, dips and a nice port and lemon (although I have been partaking of these most of this week!)

I still get excited and can't sleep, its not about what I am getting its about the kids and their excitment and also its about seeing family and the lovely get together we always have on Christmas Day.

Yesterday Jessica and I (Joe was not interestered) made a gingerbread house from a kit, something that we've not done before. OMG that thing was tricky, like trying to make a house of cards, the blumming thing fell down so many times I was really getting my hair off with it! Eventually I managed to constuct the blummin thing and handed it over to Jess for the decorating, she spent about 30 mins on it and is very proud of her house.

I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers and followers and thank you for all the comments you leave (I love to read comments!), hope you have all got where you need to be, are in good health and enjoy this festive season.

P.S There is something strange going on in my local woodlands, but more on that next time.


  1. Merry Christmas my friend to you and all your kind : )
    Have a fun one. Yes gingerbread house. That's what I shall do with the kids now.
    Hope the big fella comes tonight xx

    ps...dying to know about your woods now!

  2. OMG!!! Meaning Santa of course!!!

  3. PMSL!!!! Thanks for that Lisa! I suppose it is Christmas!

  4. i bet is hard to make the gingerbread house! lol... i wanted to make one but i might have to wait till next Christmas! it came out so cute & yummy! my son & i made some cookie for santa an i burned the poor things! LOL... i just have to buy some instead! baking never works out for me! Merry Christmas eve! hugs Veronica :0


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