Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Back to Routine

God I love Christmas I really do, I love socialising and seeing family and friends, I love our annual Boxing Day afternoon in the pub, seeing all our mates and going back to someones for food. I love Christmas food, all those little snacky things and dips and everything. But I am so ready for some routine today, no visiting, no snacky foods, proper routine and proper food again.
Today is the first time I have done something crafty in days and the first time I have scrapbooked in about 2 weeks, let me tell you that itch needed scratching!!! From about the 27th I started to get the urge and yesterday I was almost squirming in my chair to get my paper and scissors going!

You would think wouldn't you that after all that I would knock out a page naturally, no such luck it seems my mojo is still firmly living it up in full party mode at someone elses house!! All my new crafty things to play with and nothing doing! But I am not to be beat and so I finally made a page that I am happy with (All about the knitted going ons at our woods - see post below!) Unfortunaltey my camera does not like this page and I could not get a decent photo but here it is in all its not true to life glory.!

Loads of misting and painting going on, love the messy look to it!! I got so much new paper for crimbo and was dying to get stuck in but that wasn't working for me this time, so paints and mists it was!

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  1. Emma - fantastic to hear that you enjoyed the Winter Wonderland Trail!! I'll keep you posted about any other future projects that you might want to take part in. All the best - Julie


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