Thursday, 2 December 2010

A thing of beauty

We have an ipad in the house, Jason has wanted a 2nd laptopy type thing in the house for a while as I really dominate this one (it is mine!) and so yesterday he bought an ipad. We were all stupidly excited by this despite me having an iphone so we do know what it will be like.

Today Jason has left it at home and I have it in my craft space and I am watching telly on it (like I do my iphone) it really is lush!

Craft wise I have done this lo, which is missing something

And this quick card for a party Joe is going to this evening. Joe is mighty lucky to be going out this evening as he is in my bad books right now. Yesterday I had to take Jessica to the dentist and Joe said he would rather stay home so off we went. I came back to find Joe completley monged out to the xbox with the tv in the living room on and about as loud as it could be and no one about. Also in the living room was a box of chocolates which the dog had eaten because Joe had left the stair gate open and so the dog had got into the kitchen and managed to drag the chocolates out of another box. I then had to spend about half an hour in the garden in the FREEZING cold which we had only just got in from (and I was gagging for a cuppa) trying to get soda crystals (they make a dog vomit) into a dog that did not want to swallow soda crystals thank you very much, there were a lot of tears and despite me trying repeatedly to prise open the dogs jaws he did not bite me once. The dog resolutely REFUSED to vomit but has been absolutely fine since apart from being a bit wary of me now.

To say I was cross with Joe would have been an understatement I was so furious that I had to send him upstairs whilst I calmed down. His punishment was to tidy his sisters room (seeing as Jessica spent half an hour with me trying to make the dog to vomit I thought she should get something out of it) and no Xbox until the 10th of December.

Now I have to go and crochet, I am desperatly trying to finish my blanket for Jessica for christmas, I have worked out if I can do 2 rows a day it should be long enough, so I am off for a cosy little knit to try and get todays quota done!

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