Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I do sometimes sweat the small stuff

I so wish I was paying more attention when I answered the door to the postie this morning.

I was handed a clear plastic sack. Now both Jason and I are expecting parcels, multiple ones in my case (I do so love online crimbo shopping).

I opened the sack to find a puzzle maze ball I had bought Jessica for christmas, this puzzle ball had obviously not minded the recent freezing weather and had decided to go for a swim enroute. Both the outer delivery packaging and the inner product packaging were completley descimated, I honesly don't know how the postie had the nerve to deliver it really (I know its not his fault but it no way left the warehouse in this state!)

So I contact Play.com and am told I can return it "how?" says I, there is NO packaging to speak of, so I am asked if I can jiffy bag it - no too big, can I put it in a box - no I don't have a suitably sized one.

And so it goes on until I tell her quite plainly that I am not prepared to trek into town, buy packaging and go to the post office to return something that I bought at my convienence to be delivered to my house - this prompted her to tell me I could pop it in a post box (FFS you MORON I have already told you it is a largish item, it aint gonna fix in a post box!)

Anyway I now have a return courier arranged, see they CAN do this for you, they just don't want to untill you completely stonewall all their other 'helpful' suggestions. Then I am told that once its returned they will send me another. OH NO you will send me another one NOW thank you very much. Luckily she agreed to this (as I am a valued customer I can do this for you this once) I very nearly lost it at this stage as they are NOT doing me a favour, they are solving a problem that is THEIR responsibility, and when I get told things like that my blood boils, what should I do kiss their bloody feet?

This rant was bought to you by the letter ARGHHhhhhhhhhh, I know I haven't ranted in a while and I know some of you enjoy them ;)


  1. I wish I was more like you Emma.
    I always end up apologising for inconvieniencing (think I spelt that wrong, looks a little on the long side!) them and end up going out of my way to rectify things.

  2. Brilliant! Annoying for you but a very funny read - thanks Emma! xx


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