Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Stash Attack

I did it! I caved in and bought myself some new Cha stash, put the order in yesterday and it came today. As usual I bought loads of papers and not much else.

My nice postie delivered it at 10.30 so I have had time to have a little play and I have made this

So nice to have some new goodies to play with!

Did my first run in almost 2 weeks this morning. I've had such a horrid cold that is worse in the mornings and evenings so running was out of the question. I hated the thought of starting again so I only did 20 mins this morning just to get out and get started again. It was ok I suppose!

Hope everyone is ok, I've noticed that its been very quiet around here lately, everyone must be too busy with other things at the moment to blog, hope it picks up soon as I love a good nosey around blogs!


  1. ooh have lovely to have some new goodies. I've been pre-occupied with getting a new family member - we have a puppy coming on Saturday. Pictures soon!

  2. Snap, I gave in a got some lovely new stash the other day, My Little Shoebox and MME plus a punch and cant wait to get crafting - you'll have to let us know what you got xxxx

  3. Great layout Emma, I love the bunting on there, who's that by? I need to get some new stash too!


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