Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Monkeying Around

You'll have to give me a bit of poetic license on this one as I realise it is a Gorilla in the picture!

I finished this one off today, once I managed to drag my poorly bottom off the sofa (I always feel a bit better when I acheive something!) I used some old October Afternoon papers for it and I rather like them! I also cut out two borders on the robo, one of which I misted blue and the other I stamped little black stars on.

I've been dying to see the Summer Cha stuff in our online stores and last week I did a fantasy shop where I put all the bits and pieces I liked in my trolley - just the paper I liked came to £56 and that was only from 4 manufacturers! Eeeekk that scared me a bit I must admit. Will see how much money I have at the start of the month and I may treat myself to a few bits and bobs, but £56 is probably going to have to come wayyyyyy down.

I've had a quiet day, spent 20 mins trying to find some of Joes PE kit for school, I know I washed it all last week so it should have been in the laundry cupboard somewhere, but could I find it? no! I had it ALL out and feeling poorly as I was it was not a nice job! After some major panicking I found it all nicely ironed in my bedroom. I know I didn't iron it, so it must have been Jason in one of his 'watching sky sports news and feeling guilty about it so will do some ironing at the same time' afternoons. Sounds nice until you have to spend 20 mins in my laundry cupboard cos you don't know that he did it!!

I currently have 2 almost teenage boys playing band hero right above my head, it may have been a silly idea of mine to buy it for Joes birthday, still only one more day of him at home and Jess goes back tomorrow - I will miss them actually, although not the bloody disney channel!

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