Thursday, 2 September 2010

Avid Reader

I've kicked the housework into touch, I'm not feeling well enough to do both, so scrapping won today! :)

This is a pic I took on holiday, the kids were driving me mad wanting to go from one activity to the next without any breathing space and I was frankly getting frazzled with it all. I took them to WHSmiths and bought them a couple of books each, which was lovely as they both love reading, we went back to the caravan and I actually had over 2 hours of complete silence where I managed a cuppa and a relax at long last.

I'm still trying to develop my 'chuck it all on' approach to scrapping and feel that I am getting better at it, its a look I really like so I am glad that its slowly starting to fall into place for me! I also used some more of my flocked borders, I am going to have to make some more of those, they look so cute and effective in real life, but I need to buy some more x150 adhesive first and I am looking about for a bargain.

Tomorrow I am making a scrappy purchase, but I'm not telling you what as I think there will be very limited stock and that it will go FAST and I am just to selfish to miss out lol!!

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