Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crochet Progress

Jessica was very happy when she came home last night from her school trip to see her blanket in progress, it has been all consuming this week though and therefore I have not done any scrappy stuff at all - I need to find a better balance. Its 4ft 8 inches long and will hopefully be about 60 coloured stripes long when its done

We are off to Bath on the train this evening for curry and drinks with Alan and Nicky and Big Nick and Julie. I am a little concerned because Big Nick knocks the drinks back very fast and the rounds absolutley fly by, I don't really want a mega hangover tomorrow but it might be inevitable!


  1. Wow great colours there in the blanket- and can't believe how much you've done so quickly! My hands would have completely seized up by now I'm haiving enough trouble with one round at a time on my bag! Which by the way is an easy peasy pattern to follow. And great fun x

  2. Gorgeous colour you've used on the blanket!


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