Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wedged In

Sigh, I have a poorly husband who (as they all do) has taken to his bed and is dying, when Jason is poorly he acts like you do when you are calling in sick for work, you put on that silly 'sick' voice and act all pathetic. That is my life today. I am at least grateful that he is at the moment staying out of my way!

Im not fireing on all cylinders myself thanks to a wisdom tooth thats been giving me hell since Saturday and is making the whole of the left side of my face feel dreadful. Crafting therefore has not been on the top of the list of 'things to do this week' I do however have this layout to share that I made a couple of weeks ago, just a quickie telling the story of the day before our new sofas were delivered. We had cleared the room and were having to make do with cushions for the night, Bruno managed to wedge himself between Jasons head and the wall, with a plug socket pushed into his back, not the more comfortable of places but he happily fell asleep - silly pooch!


  1. My husband has similarly been pathetically 'ill' the last few days whilst I have actually been suffering in silence with a bad back. Oh man flu!

  2. Hi Emma
    I've also come here from the Silhouette blog (but late, as usual!).
    I like this LO - and if it's typical of your style then I like that too (similar to mine).
    Hope all in your household are soon back to 100% (and that the new sofa is helping!).


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