Friday, 23 March 2012

Scentsy Heaven

* I am not a consultant, neither do I personally know a consultant, I just love and am excited about this product*

Do you like scented candles? I do but I am often dissapointed by the amount of scent that I get from them and they are so expensive and messy. I heard of Scentsy some while ago whilst reading some American blogs and thought the idea sounded really good and was sorry it wasn't available in the UK. Now it is, since about last April I think.

After another disappointing candle that wasn't burning consistently I decided to take the plunge and order a warmer (a bit of an initial expense) and some wax.

This is my new Scentsy warmer, its quite modern and unfussy (I do find a lot of the scentsy warmers a bit fussy/old fashioned). It works via a 25 watt light bulb that gently warms the wax cubes you put in the dish, the wattage is designed to warm it to the correct degree to get the scent in the air but not to dispense all the scent at once. Each cube lasts 8-10 hrs and there are 8 in a bar (60/80 hrs per bar for £5) Once you've got the warmer, then it works out a fair bit cheaper than premium scented candles in wax. Also the wax does not get over hot, you can stick your finger in it and not burn yourself, there is no soot and the wax does not dissolve, you simply through it away when all the scent has been released.

If you've burned a cube for a couple of hours and fancy another scent, simply pour the wax back into the empty hole in your container, wipe the dish with a paper towel and pop in a new cube.

Made it sound good havent I? But its only good if it really lets off scent. Does it? Are the scents strong and long lasting, was it worth the initial set up money? (£30 for a full size warmer).

Resoundingly YES!
I am so pleased with this buy, the smells are strong, they carry around my house and they are high quality
These are my scents so far:


Red Candy Apple really smells of apples, its sweet crisp and fresh

Oats and Honey is simply devine, its a warm baking smell with lots of honey and a nutty smell, this one is nice and strong and one cube lasted a lot of hours. Walk in the door with this burning and it almost knocks you sideways (in a good way of course!)


Lemon Coconut chiffon is my absolute favourite because it smells just like my fav ever candle, its lemony, with a creamy soft tone, strong but not the strongest of the scents - I will forever be buying this one!

Baked Apple Pie - smells just like an apple pie straight out of the oven, with that perfect little bit of cinnamon.


Sticky Cinnamon Bun, only buy if you love cinnamon, its a strong scent and very spicy in tone, great one for christmas I would think.
Cherry Limeade, this one is STRONG, it has a fizzy smell, slighly soapy and is perfect for the spring/summer days we have coming, it makes your house smell clean and fresh and zippy!

I know this sounds like an advert, but im so happy to have found 'the' perfect alternative to candles, that will work out cheaper and has over 80 different scents. If I knew enough like minded people I would so be a consultant but alas my few female friends are unlikely to make a business!

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  1. I have always loved Partylite candles but after seeing my SIL electric warmer while we were in the States I have wanted one. This sounds great but doubt anyone does Scentsy up here.


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