Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I have a couple of photobooth type apps on my iphone but i've never printed out any of the photos before.

I decided to have a go today and thought I would scrap this one of Joe. One of those days when I kind of wish I hadn't started, everything was a struggle, but I perservered and managed to save it from the bin!

Bit of misting on this one, haven't used my mists in a while! Also chevrons which I found quite tricky to incorporate if im honest.


  1. This is soooo cool : )

    ps... We haven't watched the American Horror Story for a while. Ade keeps mentioning it but I find it hard going : (

  2. Well I think it's smashing! That large circle in combination with the chevron and the color palette is really cool. I pinned it to this board: http://pinterest.com/pin/39406565459528470/ I hope you don't mind! It's a fantastic page!


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