Friday, 9 March 2012

Babyface and a BIG hello

Well imagine my surprise today when I logged on to my little blog and found that my visitor stats were through the roof - thanks to all of you who have visited from Silhouette where my hexagonal card was their fan feature today - chuffed to bits!

Back to the business of the blog then..... I can share this now that I was asked to make for The Scrapbook Magazine, who sent me some Kaisercraft goodies with which to make my layout.
I think you will realise that the papers are not my style but I am actually quite pleased with what I created, fussy yes, but I love the layers that I cut on the cameo, and they suited this baby picture of Jessica perfectly and its nice to step 'outside of the box' occasionally!

Right I am off for a cuppa, just had a major panic when Jess did not come home from school, resulting in me walking her route and still not coming across her. Turns out that there was a misunderstanding on going home with friends and the mother thought Jess had told me and Jess thought the mother had cleared it with me and I...... well I was nearly having a fit to be honest, but alls well that ends well! Girls eh?

1 comment:

  1. That's so beautiful Emma, Love those layers.
    Well done on the feature : )
    And glad Jess was ok. Worry!!!!

    Thanks for the robo help.
    I don't know if my response came through on FB. I couldn't get it to send, I just kept hitting that send button and nothing. So you either received it loads of times or not at all.
    I ended up selling it for £120 as a buy it now during the night, so I'm a happy bunny
    : )
    Have a great weekend x


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