Monday, 26 March 2012

Bike Boy

Just a simple and quick card to show you today. This card was made for a friend of ours who cycles pretty intensively. The bike and cyclist shape is of course from Silhouette.

We had a lovely weekend with the gorgeous weather. On Saturday Jason and I went to a local restaurant for lunch and it was warm enough to sit in their little courtyard, it was really nice and relaxing despite our waitresses best efforts to spill a pint of lager over us (she managed to save the situation by pouring it over herself instead!!) After lunch we went on for a few drinks in our local hostileries for a while before back home for some telly and bed.

On Sunday we went to my mother in laws for breakfast, then a spot of shopping before we picked up the kids and then we took the kids to see The Hunger Games. I don't normally 'do' cinemas, as I am far too bad tempered to put up with other peoples noise, but it was surprisingly quiet and enjoyable.

Right I am off to do battle with the printer which is running on a go slow today. I'm making a nice card and am almost done if only the blummin printer would co-operate!

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