Thursday, 17 November 2011

Advent Calender Take Two!

If you're in the UK you may remember that 2 years ago Tesco were selling these wooden advent calendars that were a bargain £5 but were pretty yucky and definately in need of altering. They were a bit like gold dust to find as crafter after crafter snapped them up. I was a lucky one and managed to get my hands on one. In this post you can see a bit of how it looked and a bit of how I did it and in this post you can see the finished result.

After last years advent I thought it was looking a bit tatty and decided that I would remodel it in time for this christmas.

Well here it is, I am v pleased with this one, much nicer all round, it took me 4 hours to do. The paper covers on the drawers were cut on the Cameo as were the numbers, and all embellishment the only thing I cut by hand was the roof panel and for the scalloped roof edge I used a punch. I choose not to overembellish the calender as I thought it looked so pretty with just the patterened paper.


  1. That is beautiful - you'll enjoy advent even more now.

  2. This is as cute as can be! The blue and pink was nice, but I like this even better.

  3. So great that you could do this on the cameo, would have taken much longer I suspect. Love the updated look.


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