Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Being sneaky!

Ah I feel so much better now, its lovely to be up and about and walking the dog in the field again of a morning.

I've a couple of sneaks to show you today, its really all the crafting that I have done, but the assignment is finished now so I can finally scrap for myself for a bit, which will be lovely.

I've Jessica home from school today with a temperature and general bleugh feeling, theres not too much wrong with her really but I think she needs a day off, she is not settling in too well to secondary school and is struggling to form friendships, she was like this when she started castle 4 years ago, she expects too much too soon and can't understand why girls get bitchy at times, she gets hurt and confused when someone who she hung out with one day, snubs her the next. Poor girl its so upsetting seeing her come home in tears each day, but I am confident that time will sort it all out like it did last time, i'vehad a quick word with her tutor but at the moment she wants me to stay out of it, so stay out of it I will. Still I think a day home to regroup and destress will help her.


  1. Oh poor Jess : (
    That's heart breaking. She's such a sweetie.
    I hope it calms down soon. It's had being a girl sometimes. Hollie is sometimes on the same end as Jess. She often lets them walk all over her to just to keep the peace.
    I hope she's ok. A day at home sounds like a good thing if she's not 100%.
    Lovely sneaks xxx

  2. I feel so bad about all this school stuff, may I contact you vis email?
    Photo from 1st page is great!

  3. Yes of course you can Bella. I think my email address is on my profile info!


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