Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marching for Remembrance

Its frustrating isn't it when you make a nice layout and it just will not photograph 'true' this is one of those layouts, looks lovely as its standing on my easel, but the photo of it is a bit 'meh'

Joe was part of the Remembrance Parade in Keynsham on Sunday, he was the very littlest of Air Cadets in the Parade, in fact he was the littlest by far of all the organisations that properly march (of course there were scouts and brownies walking behind). I was so proud to see Joey, standing straight, chin up and swinging his arms and lifting his knees - they do a quite exaggerated proper march. I used my new Cameo a bit on this, the poppy the 'remembrance and for' lettering and also the journaling which is a Print and Cut.

I got a nice parcel of paper today from Papermaze from their fire damaged stock which in actual fact was perfect, a little teeeny tiny small of smoke but hardly noticable. Nice to get new paper and its something that always inspires me, like it did today!

Right I am off to walk the dog, who is in the doghouse as he piddled in the kitchen yesterday, I noticed a smell but thought it was the cats food, the smell was under my nose all day, and today I found the piddle under my mop and bucket. Sometimes I could swing for that animal I really could!


  1. It looks a lovely LO even if it hasn't photographed well.

    Thanks for the comment about my pics, Lisa had the same problem. Don't know what's going wrong as it looks fine on my screen. I've added them again, so if you get a chance can you check if they're now showing? Thanks

  2. Emma, this is a lovely LO. He will love this to look back on. You managed to get a great shot of him. I always struggled when Louis did the marches during his Beavers days. The Poppy is a lovely touch.
    I received a papermaze parcel too last week and apart from a very slight smell it was perfect....so I placed another yesterday : )


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