Sunday, 29 May 2011

A year ago today

I married Jason (or J1 - as Jess calls him)

In someways the year has flown and in others that fantastic, fun day we had seems like it happened an age ago!

Today Jason is taking me to a lovely posh(ish) pub for a gorgeous lunch and then we will go to our local (where we had our reception) and have some drinks and a nice relaxed afternoon with various friends.

Happy Anniversary Jason xx (1 year married today, and 6 years to the day we met!)

P.S - how GREAT is it that paper is the 1st year anniversary present???? Oh yeah!!!


  1. Happy anniversary, hope you have a lovely day x

  2. Congratulations, love your card it's perfect for a first anniversay. Enjoy your day :)
    Jenny x

  3. Congratulations to the both of you : )
    Wow, that's gone by so fast x


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