Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NEVER put a healthy dog down

I can't believe I haven't scrapped this story before. For some reason I woke on Tuesday and the memory popped into my head and I knew what I would be doing that day.

(photo has uploaded to blogger all blurry!!)

In case you can't read the journaling here is the story. Jessica is obsessed with animals, she just loves them, especially dogs and she has always said she wants to work for the dogs trust after watching their adverts on the telly. One day when she was about 5 we were walking home from school when she told me she was worried she wouldn't be strong enough to work for the Dogs Trust, I asked her why and she put her arms out said "Because they never put a healthy dog down and my arms will get tired!" I just about DIED laughing, she got all embarrassed when we explained why, but it was such a funny moment!

Little diet and fitness update: I am on week 14 now (I think) up until Sunday there was still not a single lb weightloss and so I decided to shake up my diet and I have gone on high protein low carbs instead of calorie counting/low fat and in 2 days have lost 2lbs, whether this will carry on who knows but at least the scales are moving downwards at last. Exercising is going well and is now such a part of my routine of a morning I hardly even dread it anymore, in fact I love the kickboxing and dance exercises that I do! I think now I deserve a bit of weightloss as its hard to keep at it when you lose nothing week after week.


  1. Emma, that's just the funniest and cutest story ever. I'm still smiling after reading it : )

  2. Love that story, so funny! Lily wants to be a kennel girl in her holidays, we looked at some at the weekend and she feels they all need her loving care!

  3. Great story and as fab one to scrap!


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