Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Stray Dog Tale and other stories

We've had an eventful few days pet wise! On Friday we went to Weston and on our return we luckily left something in the car, I say luckily because when Jason went to get it he saw a big box lying on the ground right behind his car, he nudged it with his foot and a barrier went down and he realised it was a cage. Then someone popped their head around and said that they were trying to catch a kitten they were worried about to take it to the RSPCA, and pointed to said kitten who turned out to be our 4 year old cat!! Apparently she has been pestering the neighbours for food and as she was so small they thought she was a stray. A little cross that before calling the RSPCA and getting a cage from them they couldn't have asked around a bit or knocked on a few doors to see if anyone knew who she belonged too! We were literally 5 minutes from having our cat taken and rehomed (yes I know I should get her chipped!) Skittle may be tiny but she LOVES to food and is a complete pesterer about it, but I have since wormed her to be on the safe side.

Then on Sunday we were in the kitchen with the back door open when our dog makes an extreme bolt for it and dashed at full pelt out the door and into the garden, lo and behold there is a big old collie cross type dog in our garden! Looked around and no obvious owners about, so now we have to be the pet pesterer and catch the blummin thing, which is now already half way up the road. We finally get him on a lead and he has a tag, so I phone them and no answer. We take the dog into our house whilst Jason knocks on a few doors (see its not hard catnapper!) and finally after 10 mins we find out who he belongs to and they didn't have a clue he was missing! In the meantime I took this snap of Jessica with both dogs as she was in her absolute element. Frazzle (the collie) then saw skittle come in the door and leapt that stairgate in a single bound!

Today I took Bruno for his booster, the big old woosy child cried like a baby when he saw the needle and then piddled on their floor, I would be cross with him but it cost me best part of £40 so they deserve a bit of piddle!!!

Craftwise I've done a DT layout and a couple of cards, this one for my sister who has just finished her teacher training and has already managed to secure a position for next year!

And this card I just knocked up that I will prob give to my mate on her upcoming birthday.

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  1. I love your stories.
    I thought for a moment that you got to keep the big collie. Jess would have loved that : )
    Lovely cards Emma x


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