Friday, 27 May 2011

An obsession with twine

I've had some bits of bakers twine in my craft collection for a while now and never really understood what its purpose was or how to use it. In cards is the answer! I am OBSESSED at the moment with twine and its making its why on to most of my cards. I only have 3 colours though, but I have purchased some more from ebay and am really looking forward to the possibilites!

Here is a card for my brothers upcoming birthday (note the twine!)

Here is a general one that has no intended recipient yet (note the twine!)

Here is one that I made with a cute cameo silhouette (note the twine!)

Here is one I originally made for our anniversary, although I have since made one I like better (note the twine - oh hang on no! no twine! good girl!)

I have also been busy scrapping away in a right old fever this week, managed to make 3 for Twisted Sketches and hopefully now I have about 6 weeks before another one is due and I hope to do some scrapping just for me - I can never scrap just for me when I have a deadline for something else :(

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