Sunday, 8 May 2011

Celebrate - Twisted Sketches

Hello Happy Sunday

Update on Joe (written at 8.15am) - he has had such an awful few days in almost constant pain. I ended up calling NHS Direct last night just to reassure myself really and Joe was insisting that I call a doctor. He has been having a migraine or at best a severe headache since Friday morning, mixed in with occasional vomiting and a raging fever, hes been in so much pain and its so difficult to watch. NHS Direct told me to keep doing what I was doing and that if his fever got worse or his headache intestified one more time to call out a doctor.

Luckily he actually got a teeeny bit brighter in the next hour (he started to talk a bit) and so at 9 we packed him off to bed with a cold compress, where he has been all night, his fever came down nicely in the night and apart from being pale he looked peaceful. He has just got up, he feels warm, had a mild headache on one side, but my god he looks better, so much more perky and bright. He is really hoping to go see his dad for the day as he misses him and he will not be going next weekend. He doesn't have to be well, just well enough for the 10 minute car journey, and I think he may well be - YAY I am so pleased, I suffer from migraines so I know what he was going through although mine only ever last a short time.

Anyhoooo this week is Twisted Sketches 100th Sketch and so the theme is CELEBRATE. I followed the sketch quite faithfully this time and so here is my take:

I hope you all have a lovely end to the weekend. Jason and I are hoping to get out for a few hours this afternoon if Joe goes to his dads (and he is getting perkier and perkier even as I type, seriously he is talking our ears off!) I have a serious case of Cabin Fever having not really been out of the house since Monday, fingers crossed I think it will happen.


  1. Glad to hear Joe is feeling a bit better. Hope you had a good afternoon.

    Did you cut some bits out on the robo for this? Lovelyx

  2. Oh poor Joe, he has been poorly : (
    I hope he's ok.
    Love your LO x


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