Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Let her eat Cake - Twisted Sketches 101


My teams turn at Twisted Sketches this week and the twist was Curve. Here is my take on it:

Poor Jessica she has her year 6 SATS this week at school but she is fighting off a bug and today had to do her test in isolation and then I had to pick her up afterwards, she is currently lying on the sofa feeling a little bit better. Tomorrow if she is well enough she can go in just for the hour of the test and do it in isolation again. She is a bit stressed out by it all as she is a high performing pupil and doing well really matters to her. Stupidly they don't offer a resit day and you just get marked as absent on your test result.


  1. Poor Jess, hope she's better soon. Yummy LO!

  2. Ah shame! I think the school could go on her predicted grades and I am sure her secondary school will soon see what set she should be in. (From a teacher's perspective!)
    Great layout - I love anything cupcake related!


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