Friday, 6 May 2011

Wing'ed Things

Good morning, I have been a bit absent but I have been crafting merrily away fear not!

This evening we are supposed to be going to Weston for fish and chips and a walk on the pier to celebrate my mother in laws 70th Birthday, I did not think that I was looking forward to it, however, Joe woke up with a fever and I find myself a bit dissapointed that we cannot go and more so that I will not see Jason and Jess as they will go :( I do think that Joe might be having a migrane though so there is a chance that he will be ok later. Bless him he is fast asleep in my bed at the moment and looks so peaceful, hopefully he will be like me, I always fall asleep after a migraine and wake up all wobbly and hungry and weak and then after some food I am as right as rain!

Anyhoo this is what I have to show today. I was given this digi stamp set to play with

and this is what I came up with, just a very simple card with a touch of glitter.

1 comment:

  1. I've been wondering where you are : )
    Poor Joe, I hope he feels better soon. I always feel like that after a migraine too, almost like a hungover feeling but mine continues into the next day.
    I hope you get to go tomight, sounds a lovely way to celebrate and spend an evening xx


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