Monday, 1 August 2011

Longleat - the good the bad and the ugly!

(We're going to Longleat to buy Heat magazine!)

We had a fantastic trip to Longleat yesterday, we really enjoyed the day, we had a lovely jungle cruise and saw sea-lions and hippos and a gorilla, then on to feed these little parrot type things that landed on your head and arms etc - Jessica was in 7th heaven. We went with Jason's dad and half sister and all had a jolly day. I am however a completely different personality type to Barry (Jason's dad) he takes a rule as a personal affront and believes that he knows best, and while most of the day was great fun, the Safari for me was an absolute disaster - let me explain!

(All the gang)

Barry wanted to feed the monkeys, he wanted to put peanuts over the motorhome, I told him he would not be allowed to do that and it was probably not the best of ideas, so begrudgly he asked a ranger if he could "absolutely not, NO feeding of the animals" he then sulked and covered the vehicle with peanuts anyway - I was MORTIFIED, he then insisted on driving through the monkeys twice stopping to put more peanuts all over the vehicle in full view of a park warden. We must have looked like a right bunch of prats. I hope they took his reg number and I hope that if the monkeys get the raging squits from all those salted nuts they bill him!

(Monkey with nuts!)

I was cross with him but kept the peace and kept my mouth shut, we then go through the lion enclosure, of course you have to keep your windows up, of course there are MASSIVE signs everywhere telling you to keep your windows shut. So along we go and on the road, in front of the next car, not 10 feet from us is a prowling lion, Jessica who is riding up front said to Barry "I think you should close the window now" I am sorry WHAT? WHAT?? you have your bloody window open? I am afraid that I told him in now uncertain terms that if he wanted to risk his safety all well and good but my children are here so SHUT THE WINDOW!!! I was so furious that I was shaking!

So would I go on a daytrip with Barry again - Probably, but seperate cars this time, I am too anally rententive and too much of a rule follower to ever want to go on a safari ride with him again! Would Barry go on a day trip with me again, Probably not I think I got up his nose with my considerate queue loving, rule accepting ways. Its all good!

Anyway apart from that the day was such fun, so a couple more photos:

Longleat is so pretty and has such great sculptures dotted all around, there is so much to do and its great for animal lovers.

Here is Jess and Amy with the lorakeets (they freaked me out a bit, but as I had no nectar pot, they did not land on me!)

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  1. OMG! Sounds like you had a fab day apart from that man!!? Honestly what was he thinking??? I love Longleat, you have made me want to go back but I made do with London Zoo instead in the meantime xx


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