Thursday, 4 August 2011

Camper Van Adventures

This was supposed to be Design Team work, but I strayed perhaps a little too far from the sketch and also I have not had anything to post on my blog for a few days so I am gonna put it up on here and just do another one!

I wanted a real 70's retro look on this layout to match the photos, which Jessica took at the weekend using the hipstamatic app (Joe just had all his hair cut off, I love it long but he is going to Egypt on Saturday and I think it would be too much in the heat). This layout reminds me soooo much of 70's wallpaper, its all the orange I think! I kept thinking of the Overlook Hotel in the film The Shining whilst I was making it!!

Right I am off now to get my own hair cut now - I might not be a typical girl because I absolutely HATE the whole experience of the hairdressers, its amazing that I am having this cut, its the first time I have maintained a 'style' in years!

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