Friday, 5 August 2011

Mermaid Musings

Head on over to Little Musings to download this weeks fab digital stamp! Its mermaids this week!!

And here is a little card I made with one of the outline digi's. I stamped the polka dot background and layered the die cuts. Simple and pretty!

Today is a sad day for me, its my last day with the children, tonight I drop them off at their dads and tomorrow they go to Egypt for a week in a 5 star all inclusive hotel that has (so I keep being told) 38 water slides!!!

I am incredibly anxious about it, it is their first time flying and I will not be there, Joe has been working himself up into meltdown status all week, but denies any nerves and I have to keep my mouth shut in case I make him nervous! However I am convinced that at some point in the airport all hell will break lose. We have a plan and that is the placebo effect! Mark is going to have a little tablet (not a tablet) to give Joe and tell him that it will calm him down and make him enjoy the flight, Joe is HIGHLY suggestable and so we both think that this will work if needed. I am also in doom mode, ie - I WILL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN which I KNOW is stupid but until I get the text to say they got there safely I will not be able to relax! Also I will miss them both incredibly, Jessica gets homesickness quite bad, she is a real mummys girl and I will miss my little shadow, her incesant chatter can sometimes drive me batty but when she is not here the house is so quiet.

However I know that they will have the time of their lives! They have swimming with dolphins booked and have a night in the desert too. Lucky Lucky children!

I will be back on Sunday with a layout I made yesterday, its one of those rare ones that you get a bit excited about, I keep seeing it on the easel in the kitchen and go ooooo!

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  1. Oh Emma : (
    I'm sorry, I hope it all goes smoothly and they have a fab time and you enjoy some 'me' time too.


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